Present Dei Staff




Hi, my name is Vinson, and I am a writer for the Present Dei. I am currently a senior and looking forward to having a great year. I love watching and playing sports.

Hi, my name is Jay Arenas, and I am a senior at Verbum Dei High School. I am a big fan of sports and that is why I am a writer for the sports category this year. I enjoy basketball a lot but I can also enjoy football, soccer, or baseball as well. My favorite team is the Lakers.

Hello, my name is Brandon Campos and I am a part of the class of 2021. I on the football and occasionally the track team as well, some hobbies I would say I like are playing video games and going out with friends whenever I can. One of favorite classes is Senior Synthesis as it challenges you to do more then just read you have to actually have to dwell deep into your thought.

Hello, my name is Erik Castaneda. I am a very open minded individual who loves to learn new things and share them with others. I play multiple sports such as soccer, baseball, and football. I have a huge passion for sports and I love to talk about them.

Hello, My name is Alan Maciel, and I am currently a senior at Verbum Dei High School. I have attended Verbum Dei High Here at Verbum Dei, I’ve participated in Basketball, Math Club, and Latino Student union, One thing I admire about Verbum Dei is the brotherhood and love flowing through the school and through all the teachers and students.

Hello my name is Brandon Montes I am a senior at Verbum dei high school. I used to play soccer for my elementary school but once I entered high school I really didn’t play any sports. I like Verbum dei because it has a lot of helpful teachers and students that want you to accomplish your dreams

Hi, my name is Pablo Tabares, some things i like are video games, being with family and friends and talking to new people. I’m nice friendly and kind and will help those those in need when I see they are in need.

I’m Tyrone. I am 17 yrs old and am in my last year at Verbum Dei. I cant wait to graduate and see whats I store for me. My favorite subject is probably math.

My name is Taeo Thomas , I am 6,2 170 and I love sports and play basketball for both my school, and AAU. I started playing sports when I was really young. In my free time I like to play video games, games such as 2k, Call of duty, Fortnite, and other games.

Hello I am Amir Young-Spear and I’m a staff writer for The Present Day. I am currently a senior at Verbum Dei High School. While attending Verbum Dei I am currently a part of a group called Black Student Union (BSU). I used to play basketball and football in my freshmen, sophomore, and junior years at Verbum Dei.