Final Word: Brotherhood is the beacon of hope of Verbum Dei

Final Word: Brotherhood is the beacon of hope of Verbum Dei

By Eduardo Landa, Staff Writer, Class of 2020

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, so does the long four-year journey of the class of 2020. These four years consisted of retreats, corporate work experience, sports, clubs, and unrepeatable experiences that united members of the Class of 2020.

Verbum Dei provided us with not only a learning environment, but it also offered a second home. Although there may be cliques within the school, the greater aspect that connects all grade levels and alumni, is brotherhood. Whether it was developed while spending a few hours afterschool doing homework with friends, while spending late hours practicing, while taking the SAT, and even now while graduating together during a pandemic, the class of 2020 has always been united.

Seniors testified to what brotherhood means to them and how it affected their experience:

“The brotherhood at Verb encouraged me to not give up,” said senior Christopher Gil. “It made each and every one of us not feel alone. By encouraging brotherhood, we set a good example for those around us and for those who come after us.”

“The love, kinship, support, compassion, and solidarity from my brothers helped me overcome adversities faced in and out the classroom,” said senior Jesus Estrada.

“Brotherhood was a really important aspect of my high school experience,” said senior Jason Guardado. “Without it I don’t think I would have gotten through high school. [My brothers] pushed me to do my very best.”

“One of the best things about Verb is the brotherhood,” said senior Adrian Ramirez. “It really was like having brothers. Some of us would argue or disagree with each other, but, at the end of the day, we knew that we had each other’s backs.”

“The brotherhood evident at Verbum Dei allowed me to create bonds with my classmates that won’t ever be broken,” said senior Carlos de Leon Garcia. “It allowed for each of us to get closer to each other and create memories that we all will hold dear. It also showed that we have people to rely upon and trust.”

Brotherhood played an extremely important role in my own development at Verbum Dei. As a kid, I never imagined that my high school career would consist of going to an all-male school. However, this unique experience taught me how to be vulnerable with my brothers, and it taught me to trust them along the path. Without this fraternity of brotherhood, I would have never had the guidance and motivation to strive to become better every day.

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