Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Kirsten Hochman guides and supports with optimism and verve

By Alberto Lopez, Staff Writer, Class of 2020

One teacher in particular has always encouraged me to do my best, and that person is Ms. Kirsten Hochman. She was there for me and my brother at the worst point of our lives. She encouraged us to do our best and always checked in on us to see how we were doing.

One could tell that she really cared about what was happening at home. She was a big help for me and my brother in our junior year. She knew about my dad and his condition; she could relate to it because she also suffers from a similar condition.  It was a big help to have her by our side to make us feel better and give us hope.

Ms. Hochman is a funny person, and she always made our class laugh.  Despite her sense of humor, she also made sure that we did all her work.

Anyone who knows Ms. Hochman, knows that she is a good friend to have. Despite dealing with a daunting health condition, she never lets that bring her down; she always smiles and laughs: she even makes jokes about it, which sometimes is funny, but, then sometimes, it just makes me sad.

But I know she wouldn’t want us to be sad. Ms.Hochman is a family person she care about her family more than she cares about herself.

One moment that I remember vividly is when Ms. Hochman told me, “I never met a stupid smart person.”  I asked what she meant. She replied, “Someone who can get straight As but chooses not to.”  This message had always stuck with me and encouraged me to do my best.

I thank Ms. Hochman for never giving up on me or my brother (or my dad) and for always being by our side. Thank you for making my four years at Verbum Dei a good four years. Also thank you for being you – for being a funny, smart, caring, and good person.

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