VDHS students navigate unsettled world using Ki/Chi life force

By Jose Lopez, Staff Writer

A student at Verbum Dei High School has discovered a way to bring Ki/Chi , one’s life force, out and manipulate it at will. This life force, if learned to be brought out, can enhance one’s physical capabilities and agility.

Verb senior Iajamat Reepmad, has often been seen at school meditating in Senior Square during lunch time.  An intelligent, cool, and collected individual, Reepmad stands out from many students attending the school.  While not a member of an athletic team, he is still seen working out after school.

Senior Nairda Zemogalliv,  former quarterback of the football team, was astonished by the physical capabilities and agility that he has seen Reepmad demonstrate.

“I asked Iajamat if he was down to have a day of practice with us, and he said, ‘Yeah’ – he out-maneuvered, he out-classed, and out-matched every player during practice in both strength and agility,” said Zemogalliv.  “I asked him if he wanted to try to learn to tackle, and he agreed; on his first try, I was down on the ground out of his shear strength and speed – I was so surprised that in a blink of an eye, I was down for the count.”

Siuqram Gnilwob, head coach of the football team, admitted “never in my life have I ever seen such raw power and agility in a high school student – I was mind-blown when I saw Nairda lose to a tackle, because no one had ever taken him down until that day.”

Reepmad’s serenity has been noticed by staff members, who have noted his mentoring a freshman student and advising him during and after school. The freshman’s behavior has become very similar to that of Neepmad, and according to the freshman and his teachers, he has become more strong-minded.

When asking the freshman what he and Reepmad have been doing out in the athletic field day after day, the student’s only response was “training.”

Students and staff school wide have witnessed these two students meditate out in the field, and they have also witnessed both students spar for hours at a time.

Their bond has become a symbol of life, and it seems that Reepmad is only taking one student under his wing to teach him all he knows of the power of Ki while leaving everyone else in the hopes of only imagining what it might truly be.

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