CWSP assignment workshop to assist student preparation

By Douglas Granados, Staff Writer

In the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP), students are required to turn in a monthly assignment on the Friday they are scheduled to work, and the assignment must be submitted to Lorenz Willis, CWSP Program Manager.

To assist students in meeting deadlines and to encourage quality work, two sophomore CWSP workshops are set for February 4 and 6, and a senior workshop is slated for February 12.  While they do not have immediately pending CWSP assignments, freshmen and junior students are welcome to attend these early sessions for assistance.  Freshman workshops are set for February 19 and 20; junior workshops are set for February 26 and 27.  All workshops will be held after school from 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. in Computer Lab 2.

Unfortunately, this past semester many students either didn’t turn their assignments in on time or they just did not turn in the work at all.   Some students expected a reminder or an email with all their assignments so that they could start working on them well ahead of the due date; however, that did not happen frequently in the first semester of the school year.

CWSP has instituted a series of workshops to help struggling students because staff does not want students to fail – they want them to succeed.  Similar workshops are to be scheduled for March and April.

“We heard feedback from the students on why they weren’t turning their work in on time or not turning it in at all,” said Francis Argueta, CWSP Program Volunteer.   “We came up with the idea to make a workshop to help them out, and by giving their assignments ahead of time.”

Offered so that students would be prepared to turn their quality assignments in on time, the workshop provides structured time for the completion of assignments with assistance and supervision.  Student questions can be answered by either Willis or Argueta, who teamed to facilitate the workshop.

“I think this is a good idea that they are doing this workshop this semester,” said Brandon Campos, junior.  “I think it is good because last semester I still did my assignments and submitted them, but I was still confused when the assignments were due and assigned and this workshop is going to be able to help me.”

The workshop was also created for students to have access to more resources to be able to get work done and to be encouraged to submit high quality work so they can earn good grades on their CWSP assignments.

“The workshop is a great idea,” said senior Erik Rodriguez.  “I wish they would have done this sooner, but at least it’ll help students who are going to be here after I graduate from Verb.  Incoming freshmen, at first, are going to need some help.”

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