Cristo Rey re-formats work-study performance evaluation

By Jose Lopez, Staff Writer 

 Verbum Dei High School has a Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) in which the students are provided work experience and great networking opportunities. The students work one day each week and alternating Fridays of each month.  Student workers undergo periodic performance evaluations, and the format of these assessments has been changed recently. The evaluation serves to document what the student has learned, applied, overcome, or encountered. 

This particular incarnation of the performance evaluation was created and managed by the Cristo Rey Network (CRN) and was given to the CWSP department to distribute to all the student’s supervisors.  In late October of 2019, the Performance Evaluation was modified by the network of work-study schools sharing the same model as VDHS.  The sudden change in format and its late delivery set back the CWSP  a month behind for its typical evaluation time frame.  

“This new performance evaluation is more realistic when grading a student,” said Cristina Cuellar,  Vice President of Programming, Corporate Work Study Program.  “It aligned with the benchmarks that were applied.”

The new performance evaluation “holds both the students and staff accountable,” said Cuellar.  The student gets a much more realistic evaluation, and the staff must adapt to grading and processing this new format to have the grades ready. 

“It’s not only Verbum Dei that gets a new performance evaluation but every school within the Cristo Rey Network,” said Gabriela Marin, Program Assistant, Corporate Work Study Program. 

Changes in any way shape or form of the performance evaluation is not authorized by CRN.  VDHS’s CWSP distributes the evaluations and sends the completed evaluations to the network, which sends back a report based on its system.  All students will be graded and evaluated within the Cristo Rey benchmarks. 

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