Faculty/Staff retreat set for 3/7 at LMU Jesuit Community

By Alberto Lopez, Staff Writer

On Friday March 27, the Verbum Dei High School faculty and staff will have its second retreat of the school year. This retreat will take place at the Loyola Marymount University Jesuit Community.  Planned by Federico Gianelli, SJ, Adult Faith Formation Director/Christian service and campus Ministry Assistant, the theme of this retreat is “Building a Trauma-Informed Flourishing School at Verbum Dei.”

“The beauty of these kinds of retreats is that it gives us the time to really interact with one another and to create deeper connection with each other both personally and spiritually,” said Karen Chambers, Director of Campus Ministry.

A guest presenter, Rev. Fr. Frank Buckley, SJ. will be the keynote speaker.  Buckley is a clinical psychologist.  He attended the University of San Francisco to complete his pre and post-doctoral fellowship in the counseling center.  The theme of his presentation will be flourishing on a Jesuit campus; this is a topic that Fr. Buckley is very passionate about.

The aim of such retreats is for the faculty/staff to connect with one another spiritually and personally.

“This is a time for the staff to get together and appreciate one another,”said Cristina Cuellar, VP programming, Corporate Work Study Program.  “It is also a time for us to connect with God together as colleagues and friends.”

“The biggest take away from a retreat should be the connection we make with God and one another,” said Maria McDonald.

“[It’s] time to do a spiritual retreat outside of campus,” said Gianelli.  “[The goal is] to build relationships, to increase self-awareness around well-being, to develop deep connection with our inner world, with peers and colleagues, with nature and with High Power God”.

Accordingly, there will be no school or work on Friday March 27.

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