VDHS Service hour deadline nears; Urban Compass most convenient

By Andrew Rodriguez, Staff Writer                                                                                              

Students attending Verbum Dei High School are called to be men for others and actively involved in the community. The deadline is fast approaching for the juniors and seniors to have 15 hours completed by December 15th. Students are to turn in the hours through an app called Mobile Serve. The app allows students to report their service hours instantly with features including geo location, digital signatures, and photos. The Mobile Serve app was first employed last year to efficiently have students report their hours without any ambiguity.  Many VDHS gentlemen enjoy the convenience of the app especially now that most all VDHS students have smart phones. 

 Senior Carlos Gonzalez really enjoys the mobile app to report his hours.

“I really like the app because it’s so easy to report my service hours without any trouble,” said Gonzalez.  

Students who need to complete hours before the deadline should consider the many places to complete service hours. The most convenient one is Urban Compass for most students because its located right on the Verb campus. Urban Compass helps the adjacent 112th Street Elementary students complete their homework and other academic tasks. It offers a perfect place to complete service hours right on campus and after school. 

According to senior Angelo Valles, Urban Compass is one of the best places to complete service hours.

“I’ve been coming to Urban Compass to help the elementary kids since freshman year,” said Valles.  “I really enjoy coming here, plus its right on campus.”  

Many Verb students also go on offsite locations like soup kitchens in downtown Los Angeles.  At these locations many organizations serve those affected by the homelessness epidemic faced in the inner city of Los Angeles. Doing service with these organizations can be very rewarding because one can see one’s service pay off at first hand. Getting together with some classmates and going on Saturday morning can make these service ventures special. Students develop brotherhood through directly making a difference in the community  

 “I’ve gotten closer to some of my classmates because we would get together on Saturday mornings to do service hours,” said senior Jayden Brownlee.

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