Commitment Day celebrates the next chapter for VDHS seniors

By Tamajai Dampeer, Staff Writer

Commitment Day: after all their hard work and dedication, a day for seniors to display and represent both an ending and a beginning.

Commitment Day: a day of decompression from all the rigorous juggling of sports, school, and college preparation to assure themselves that they’ve finally made it.

Commitment Day: a day for the final and the most essential academic commitment.

Verbum Dei High School’s Class of 2020 has worked hard to make sure senior college applications are complete and students are ready to go to some of the best institutions in the country.  They hope to contribute a collegiate banner foreign to those already displayed throughout the school.

Last year, Verbum Dei held it’s 10th National Commitment Day Ceremony on May 5. This was and is also near when most colleges are likely to issue their deadlines for incoming, admitted high school seniors to commit to a specific university.

For the past decade, Verbum Dei has held a 100% college acceptance rate for its graduating classes.  The Class of 2020 have high expectations to meet.

“Before I applied here [at Verb] four years ago, I heard a lot about the 100% acceptance rate,” said senior Deanthony Garcia.

Being a college preparatory school, Verbum Dei has a reputation for preparing its students for the next level of education scholastically and making sure that they can exercise these skill sets well beyond high school.

In some cases, this may intimidate incoming students.

“Most kids coming from my middle school shied away from the challenge of attending a school where 10 years’ worth of legacy is dependent on their individual efforts,” said senior Deanthony Garcia.  “I know that I’m working towards a goal bigger than myself, which makes it harder to give up.”

Verbum Dei’s tradition is to have seniors announce at the ceremony – before the school community – which college they intend to attend in the fall semester.

On Friday, May 8th, 2020, Verbum Dei families, benefactors, and Corporate Work Study Program corporate partners will join together in the Eagles’ Nest to cheer on the seniors as they reveal their colleges one by one.

“Commitment Day is more of a motivation than a deadline for me,” said senior Bryce Hampton. “I want the school to sit on the edge of its seat waiting for my announcement, and the only way to make that happen is to work hard every single hour until then.”

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