First school wide examen of school year set for January 16

By Tyon James, Staff Writer

On January 16, 2020, Verbum Dei High School students, faculty, and staff will be participating in a school wide examen. This first examen of the 2019-2020 school year is orchestrated by the entire Campus Ministry team.

The team is composed of Director of Campus Ministry, Karen Chambers, Campus Ministry Assistants, Sam McGrath, Molly Fruland, and Karen Luna, Adult Faith Formation Director and Campus Ministry Assistant, Frederico Gianelli, Adult Faith Formation, George Teodoro, SJ, and Musical Director and Campus Ministry Assistant, E.J. Vieyra.

Indirectly, the Campus Ministry team leads the examen through all their preparation and leg work; however, the JEDIS (Jesuit Educated Disciples in Service) actually facilitate the event.

Typically, the event is held in the MPR for the majority of students and within some classrooms for the remaining students.  JEDIS will spend their time going to each of their assigned rooms and leading the examen for students. This particular examen, however, is expected to last approximately half an hour and will be an experience which is described as being very “Ignatian-like.”

“It gives, students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to reflect on God’s presence in their lives,” said Chambers, “and how they can move forward to be whom God wants us to be.”

The examen experience allows students to discern what is transpiring within their lives and where God is seen within those experiences. As VDHS is a Jesuit high school, Verb’s examen affords members of the community the opportunity and time to take a look at where God is within their lives as well as the good that they bring forth into the lives of others.

“This is a formative experience,” says senior Drake Pearson. “If it does nothing else, it certainly leaves us with newfound insight as well as calls us to view life through a different lens.”

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