Teele Art Studio trip shifts focus from sculpting to painting

By Daniel Garrido, Staff Writer  

Last Saturday November 9,  Art teacher Allison Kennedy and the five Verbum Dei High School students went to the Teele Art Studio, 13040 Cerise Avenue, Suite O, Hawthorne, CA, for what was said to be a hands-on experience with sculpting techniques. 

There were significant changes to the planned activities at the studio: the sculpting classes were replaced by painting classes.  The students painted skulls for two hours and later took their skulls back home. Kennedy served as chaperone and driver.  The session was roughly 2 1/2 hours long.

“Everything was good “said Kennedy.  Despite the change of content, everything went as planned, there were no issues, and everyone that participated had a blast, said Kennedy.

“It was educational to learn about the many ways of creating art,” said senior Sal Carillo.  “There are many mediums to use and mix.  Painting our skulls was fun, and [using] methods in ways I don’t usually was interesting.”

“I also learned  that breaking your work piece isn’t always bad,” said Carrillo.  “It could be used to create something better.” 

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