Xavier Service Plunge to bring Eagles to the Coachella Valley

By Andrew Rodriguez, Staff Writer 

Junior and senior students will have the opportunity to participate in a weekend service trip to Xavier Prep High School, 34200 Cook Street, Palm Desert, CA, from Friday, December 6 to Sunday, December 8.   Participating students will earn a total of seven service hours. Students of both schools will enjoy fellowship and provide direct service in the local communities surrounding the Palm Desert high school.   

Karen Chambers, Director of Campus Ministry, hopes students will take advantage of the opportunity.   

“We have a great relationship with Xavier prep,” said Chambers.  “I hope students take advantage of the opportunity because we really don’t have many [trips like this one].”  

Xavier Prep has developed a relationship with VDHS in other areas, as the school hosted the Verbum Dei football team with lunch after a recent Saturday game.

Over the past years, Verb and students have established a great relationship with Xavier prep. Every year, each school hosts the other school for a weekend featuring outreach and direct service in their respective local communities.

Senior Daniel Hernandez encourages students to attend the service trip. 

“It’s really fun and a great opportunity to do service outside of the inner city,” said Hernandez.  “Sometimes we can get comfortable in serving the same place, but it’s great to be involved in other communities.”  

Junior and senior students interested in attending should obtain a permission slip from the Campus Ministry office. Any comments, questions or concerns may be directed to Chambers or to Molly Fruland, Campus Ministry Assistant.

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