VDHS’s annual Advent Reconciliation Service set for 12/4

By Eduardo Landa, Staff Writer

On December 4, Verbum Dei High School will be hosting its annual Advent Reconciliation Service. The day will begin with a small guided prayer that will be held in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room). Then, the Verb students will return to class and have the option to either participate in an in-class reflection, or go meet with a priest for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

This year’s Reconciliation will be attended by a host of Jesuit priests including Rev. Fr. Stephen A. Barber, S.J., Rev. Fr. Frank Buck, S.J., Rev. Fr. Christ Cartwright, S.J., Rev. Fr. Steve Barber, S.J., and Rev. Fr. George Teodoro, S.J.

“Firstly, [Reconciliation] is a graced encounter with Christ, through the actions and words of the Priest and the Penitent. Secondly, it offers, on a simple basis, the chance to speak of the reality of one’s life and experience,” said the Rev. Stephen A. Barber, S.J. “But I think most importantly, it allows for a Sacred Conversation, which is always completely confidential.  The Priest may never, under any circumstances, reveal what was confessed, or even who confessed.”

Everyone experiences reconciliation and conversation with God differently. That is the beauty of this Sacrament, and it is why VDHS stresses the importance of it.

“I feel like [reconciliation] allows everyone to really think about how we view life or how we live it,” said senior Drake Pearson.  “I think it really helps some people to find their path.”

“I think that Reconciliation, in simple terms, is the forgiveness of our sins,” said freshman Guillermo Flores.  “But I have learned that we should and can be saints, thus reconciliation is our attempt to be saints and to try to have a perfect relationship with God.”

“The Reconciliation Service at Verb gives me the opportunity to take a break from my busy schedule at school and reflect on my life,” said junior Ricky Sierra. “It helps me strengthen my relationship with God and it makes me a better person overall.”

“I feel like it’s a chance to make everything right with God,” said senior Patrick Ross.  “A chance to start off on a clean slate.”

“The reconciliation celebration allows us to experience God’s unconditional love and mercy, said Federico Gianelli, Christian Service and Campus Ministry Assistant. “It invites us to share that love as we are women and men for and with others.”

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