Honors Art students create collages of influential individuals

By Alberto Lopez, Staff Writer

Students in the Honors Art class, a senior elective, have been assigned a collage project that depicts a person whom they find inspiring.  The students were to choose someone influential to them personally or to their community.  Teacher Alison Kennedy designed this project.

“This assignment is important because it allows students to work with different textures,” said Kennedy.  This project will teach the students that art isn’t just pencil and paper but that art can be created with many things, said Kennedy.

“The students will be able to identify value change and create emphasis,” said Kennedy.

Additionally, each student will write a paper that details the significance of the student’s choice and why his subject is important to him or to his community.

Students have selected several recognizable individuals: Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and prominent musicians and athletes.  Some students chose their fathers.

“Shockingly, no one chose to do a woman figure,” said Kennedy.

Some materials required for this project were in short supply.

“Ms. Kennedy sent an email to staff asking for magazines or newspapers,” said English teacher John Stradley, who honored the request by supplying a box of periodicals left behind in his newly assigned classroom by a previous teacher.  “I was glad that I held on to the box, as is was destined to end up in my curbside recycling bin; now those magazines will be re-purposed as art!”

“The most challenging part of this project will be taking out words from a magazine or newspaper and making a figure out of it,” said senior Tyon James, an art student.

“I’ve never done anything like this, so it will be lots of fun,” said senior Sal Carrillo.

This project is expected to be finished by November 2.  The completed artworks will be displayed in Kennedy’s classroom, the former Computer Lab 1.  The Verb community is welcome to view the student artists’ work.

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