“Mysterious” blue Chevy truck’s presence at Verb to end soon


Feeling blue – After more than a decade of service to Verbum Dei High School, the “mysterious” Chevy truck will be sold for scrap at month end.  Image by John Stradley, Moderator The Present Dei Online News Source


By Eric Ramirez, Staff Writer

There has been a mysterious blue Chevy truck parked in the Verbum Dei High School parking lot. The 1982 model year, four-door truck stands out like a blue sore thumb in the row of glistening white Corporate Work Study Program vans.

The now-faded and oxidized vehicle was once owned by a NASCAR driver based in the Santa Monica area.  The NASCAR driver’s name is unknown, but he was moving out of the country in 2005 and had to sell his vehicles.

Former VDHS President John Waling was interested in buying the vehicle.  The deal was made, but the price paid years ago is unknown.  This vehicle was bought as a utility vehicle for the campus.

“This vehicle was used for sports to take equipment to games,” Jeff Bonino-Britsch, Vice President of Operations, said.  Back in the day, said Bonino-Britsch, football, cross country, and soccer teams used the truck to transport equipment that couldn’t fit in the bus.

The soccer coach also used the truck to develop the soccer and football field.

“I used it to put dirt and fertilizer to bring to the school field,” said Head Soccer Coach Oscar Rosa.  “The field was missing grass in some spots.”

“I also used to use it for the golf club,” said Rosa, who took students who were involved in the club to Golf ‘n Stuff or to play real golf on Saturday or Fridays after school.

Not only did the sports teams use the vehicle for their needs.  VDHS custodians Manuel Sanchez and Leo Rodriguez have regularly used the vehicle to move unneeded items at school.  Sanchez said he used the truck to take items including surplus chairs, desks, bottles, and any other items that are not useful.

Usamos la troca para reciclar,” said Sanchez, “We use the truck to recycle.”

The aged vehicle is stalling and is unable to pass its mandatory smog certification test, so its presence in the parking will come to an inauspicious end soon.

“We are going to get rid of the truck at the end of November,” said Bonino-Britsch. “It will be sold for scrap.”

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