St. Mary’s Academy to host All Saints liturgy and social November 1; House games to follow upon return to VDHS

By Jacob Salgado, Staff Writer

On November 1, 2019, Verbum Dei High School students, select faculty, staff will be boarding buses to visit Inglewood’s Saint Mary’s Academy, located on Grace Avenue and Prairie Avenue, for a communal All Saints Day mass celebration and a social. The brother/sister school’s yearly meeting allows for friendships to be formed and faith to be shared.

“This trip gives us a chance to interact with girls our age, and the mass prepares us for that social” says freshman David Arredondo. Given that event is a first for many, it is normal for students to feel nervous in this new environment.

“It gets better over the years because you kinda know what to expect,” said sophomore  Aaron Burns.  “I also enjoy the switch with SMA coming to visit Verb one year and Verb visiting SMA the next.”  His prior experiences in having conversations with some SMA girls allows him to feel more confident this year.

Among the upperclassmen, there is nothing but excitement.

“A trip with the bro’s gives us time to get away from school and socialize,” said senior Amir Sevier.

The mass and social time provide much needed leisure time to Verb’s hardworking students.

“I am excited to see some of my friends from Verb,” said Saint Mary’s Academy sophomore Natalie Hermosillo.

Verbum Dei’s relationship with its sister school is as strong as ever, and the two schools will continue working together to coordinate socials, masses, and cheerleading support for athletic competitions.

When Verb finishes up its day, there are plans in development to host House Games and a House gathering to reflect on the day and to appreciate the hard work of both Verbum Dei and Saint Mary’s Academy’s staff.

Students are to select one of the House competitions and sign up prior to Friday, November 1.  Sophmore, junior, and senior students are encouraged to wear their House colors and to bring a change of clothes for the House games; freshmen will be working at their Corporate Work Study Program job sites that day.

“When we come back, everyone will meet in their Houses and be able to talk about their day,” said William Lui,  co-coordinator of Houses.  “[Students will share] what they liked, what they didn’t like, Who they met, If they liked it, and so on.”

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