Verb community to sport ugliest of the ugly Christmas sweaters

By Andrew Rodriguez, Staff Writer                                                                                                 

The holiday season is fast approaching with Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks around the corner.  The Verbum Dei High School Associated Student Body (ASB) has designed a perfect opportunity for students and teachers to show off their Christmas spirit. Students will have a chance to sport their ugliest Christmas sweater in the hope of being awarded a gift card prize.

The student with the ugliest sweater will receive a $5 gift card sponsored by ASB. The judging committee composed of ASB representatives will also have the final decision  as to the top three ugliest Christmas sweaters.   

Maribel Andrade, ASB moderator, hopes many students will get involved to make the activity successful.

“I really hope students take advantage of these types of activities – not only to win a prize but to bring some Christmas spirit to our campus,” said Andrade.  “Teachers tend to do a great job of bringing on the Christmas spirit and wearing their ugly sweaters.”  

It might be tougher for the freshmen because they may not have ugly Christmas sweaters in their wardrobes, unlike the sophomores and upperclassmen.  Having participated in previous years, these upperclassmen have an advantage .

“I really don’t wear the sweater for the prize,” admitted junior Elliott Lopez.  “I’ve used the same ugly sweater since freshman year.”

“I have never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party or really heard of it being a theme,” said freshman Michael Maye.  “I’ll make sure to cop an ugly sweater and, hopefully, be one of the prize winners. 

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