Halloween activities to feature traditional costume contest

By Jacob Salgado, Staff Writer

The fall season has arrived, and Halloween festivities are just around the corner. Verbum Dei High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) has put together some compelling lunch-time activities to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

This on-campus celebration, set to take place on October 31, will consist of Trick or Treating and a costume contest.

Maribel Andrade, ASB moderator, says that these events will hopefully “raise school spirit and make school a little more fun.”

Although these friendly competitions are meant to be fun, it is vitally important to understand the rules and regulations that come with such a contest, Andrade said.

“Trick or Treating will consist of students going to different classrooms during lunch to get different candies,” said Andrade.  Students are urged to be courteous about the number of candies taken to ensure that everyone gets some.

The regulations for the costume contest are more strict and serious than the candy gathering rules; Andrade says that “costumes that are inappropriate, violent, include weapons, free dress, and anything else considered by the dean to be improper are not allowed and may result in students being sent home.”

In spite of the rules, it is also equally important to have fun.

Jonathan Soto, a junior at Verbum Dei, says that he is “excited to see what costumes students bring.” Soto’s interest in the types of costumes students will wear is exactly what Andrade anticipated: “There will be winners for each category such as Most Creative, Scariest, Best Meme, etc.”

Although working seniors will not be present during the Halloween celebration, they believe that the Trick or Treat and costume contest are important to boost school spirit.

“I wish that more students would participate in these events to show ASB and faculty that their hard work and dedication to these events is appreciated,” said Joel Diaz, VDHS senior.

In years prior, students have had fun while participating in these events. Costumes that students have worn include doctors, basketball players, soccer players, soldiers, and even priests.

“On that day when I was wearing my costume and saw a lot of other Verb students also wearing their costumes, it made me feel some sort of connection with my fellow Verb brothers, said Amaan Pinchem, a participant in last year’s costume contest.  “It sort of made the school spirit more visible to me.” There’s something about doing things communally that makes events like Halloween so much more fun, said Pinchem.

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