USC Fisher Museum of Art trip to expose Eagles to art/artists

By Alberto Lopez, Staff Writer

Visual art teacher Allison Kennedy has planned an art trip for all  interested students to USC Fisher Museum of Art on October 5, 2019. This trip is meant to open the eyes and minds of students to the realm of creativity.

Students who have signed up for the trip will meet Kennedy on the Verbum Dei High School campus, then they will then be assigned into vans driven by Kennedy and other volunteers.  Once they have arrived at the USC Fisher Museum, the students will then go on a tour of the public exhibitions.

“The art that will be on display will allow the students to reflect on the deeper meaning beyond the actual painting” said senior Carlos Gonzales.  Gonzales is currently taking an art elective, so he recognizes this as a great opportunity to get an insight into what real artists that publish their work go through.

“The reason why I want to go to the art trip is because I have never been to one,” senior Kenneth Martinez, who is not currently enrolled in an art class, said.  “[Unfortunately,] I don’t think I’ll be able to make it since the SAT is also on the day of the trip.”

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