Mission Advancement bridges the gap in funding VDHS

By Joshua Papaqui, Staff Writer

One may stop and wonder where does all of Verbum Dei’s support come from? Is it from tuition, or maybe it is from the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP)? Well, in fact, much of the money to keep Verbum Dei High School running comes from the efforts of three young women led by Paul Hosch in the Mission Advancement Department.

The Mission Advancement Team is composed of Paul Hosch, Senior Vice President of Mission Advancement, Stephanie Andrade, Associate Director of Mission Advancement, Annie Levine, Individual Giving Officer, and Michelle Cordova, Mission Advancement Assistant/Marketing Manager. These women’s efforts raise the remainder of the funds that tuition and the CWSP program does not provide.

The CWSP program brings in about $7,500 per student, student tuition brings in about $1,000 per student, and finally Mission Advancement has to bring in a vast amount of about three million dollars a year. Mission Advancement is in charge of such programs like the Adopt-a-Student program, the Eagle Advancement Club, and the famous Spring Gala event.

“I like my job because I get to see what we’re doing,” said Andrade. “I get to see the fruits of our labor, the students growing up and going to college, and I love going to
Commitment Day.”

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