Imposing Eagle’s Nest: focal meeting point for many events


“It’s the biggest place on campus” – The 23-year old Eagle’s Nest brings community together for athletics, liturgies, and other events.  Image by Brian Hernandez



By Brian Hernandez, Staff Writer

The most imposing structure on Verbum Dei’s campus is the school’s gym. It was built from the ground up in 1996 – for those who aren’t math junkies – the Eagle’s Nest is about 23 years old now – making it older than all current students at Verbum Dei and many of  its recent alumni.

“The Shay Family Foundation was responsible for funding the gym back in 1996, so the school didn’t spend anything on it,” Jeff Bonino-Britsch, Vice President of Operations said.  “[However,] we slowly have improved it: we’ve made improvements on the roofing and on the sound system.”

“The only reason we have a gym and some of the classrooms on campus is thanks to the Shay Family,” said Bonino-Britsch.  “The gym was a part of a 4.1 million dollar renovation project which took part back in 1996.”

Bonino-Britsch believes that the gym is tremendously important to the campus.

“We’re an all-boys school, and guys need an outlet for their endless energy,” said Bonino-Britsch.  “Guys can hang in there, play sports or do training if they’d like.”

“It’s a fun place to be, due to the fact that there’s a lot of space,” said senior William Torres, a longtime player on Verb’s basketball teams.  “I believe that the gym is well designed. I really love the school pride you feel in there, due to the fact that  it shows off Verb’s athletic accomplishments in the form of banners.”

VDHS’s growing enrollment has necessitated the use of the gym for a variety of activities and events.

“It’s becoming more of a multi purpose place anyway. We used to do our liturgies in our actual Multi-purpose Room, but we’re just bigger, and it’d be too crowded to have our masses in their now,” said Bonino-Britsch.  “We use the gym now for events and masses.”

“A lot takes place in the gym, such as masses, school events or assemblies,” said senior Kaleb Dean.  “We spend a lot of time in there – I really feel as if the gym has helped to strengthen the community here at Verb. It’s also, probably, the nicest spot on campus.”

“It’s just one large collection place that could be fun, or in an emergency could be a place where we house people,” said Bonino-Britsch.  “It’s a very important place; it’s the biggest place on campus.”

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