Trending: Internet access a boon to scholars’ education

By Oscar Herrera, Column/Opinion Editor

The internet is constantly changing and shaping everyone’s life.  The internet is everywhere, and there is no escaping it. Whether or not one may agree with the role the internet plays in our daily lives, it is here to stay.

With the internet constantly growing, many teachers are looking to move their lessons digitally. Teachers are also asking for students to turn in assignments digitally rather than print hard copies of writings.

For many teachers, it is much easier to have digital copies of assignments online. On websites like, a site where students submit assignments, the website itself checks students’ works for plagiarism. This is easier for teachers to see tell-tale signs of plagiarism rather than to hand-check every paper.

“In this day and age, you wouldn’t be able to get your work done,” John Galloway,  said regarding the importance of the internet.

The internet offers services like: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, and many more productive applications. The advantage that these work-oriented applications offer is the availability and flexibility to be whatever one desires. On Word, if a person wants his or her paper to be a poster, it can be a poster, or if a student just wants it to be a paper it can be a paper.

“The days of chalkboards, textbooks, and lectures – to an extent – are not as seen anymore,” said Galloway.

Galloway is correct.  Many classes are aiming to go toward the digital route. The reason: it is much easier for students to access any book, any lesson plan, and any question they may have.

The internet offers much more availability than a physical book or in real life lesson plan may offer. It’s hard to run away from technology, especially when it is everywhere we turn. Without technology, we are living in the Stone Age. Therefore, it is crucial that everyone has access to technology. While at Verb, every student has access to technology in the Computer Lab, through classroom carts of iPads and Chromebooks, and in other locations throughout the campus. However, some students may not have that connectivity available at home.

If this is the case, Galloway wants students to “come to me” because he will offer them solutions that will grant those students “temporary internet access.” He hopes that internet access is not an issue for any student because there is so much that a student will miss out from not having such access.

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