Verb security contributes to campus safety and campus life

By Brian Hernandez, Staff Writer

Safety: it’s something of importance to all members of the Verbum Dei High School community.  That safety is provided by the security guards on campus, James Gibbon and Ms. Irma.

Ms. Irma came to Verb as a security guard after her experience at  the University of Southern California (USC), Target, and a variety of places.  Ms. Irma has worked at Verb for six years.

“The security guards wanted extra help with the shifts, so I volunteered,” said Gibbon.

Before everyone applies to become a security guard for Verb, be aware that the job comes with, “some special training and filling out paperwork” said Gibbon. Mr. Irma added to Gibbon’s comment by saying, “I was trained here at Verb.”

When asked about their routines, both security guards answered differently.

”I help the coaches out, make sure that the students are safe, and make sure no intruders come on school grounds,” said Gibbon.

“I run around making sure the students are straight,” Ms. Irma said.  “I like my routine; it’s fair.”

No matter the time, security is always on campus.  Gibbon typically stays on campus for an eight-hour shift.

“I stay on campus for nine hours,” said Ms. Irma, “but if my co-worker doesn’t show up, I’m here for 16.”

When asked about their favorite part of the job, both answered differently.

“Making sure you guys come to class and go home safely so that no parents have to worry about you guys,” Gibbon stated.

“Just being involved talking with the students,” said Ms. Irma.  “That’s the best part of my job.”

When asked about how to approach a person visiting campus, both had similar responses. Gibbon stated, “ I find out why they’re on campus, who they’re supposed to see, but if they’re unauthorized people on campus, I escort them out the door.”

Similarly, Irma said, “I make sure students are safe first and then approach the person and ask questions as to why they’re on campus.”

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