Praise band ‘prays twice’ at monthly liturgical celebrations

By George Rosales, Staff Writer

Verbum Dei High School’s Praise Band is a tradition at Verb, and it leads the music ministry at school liturgical celebrations each month.

The Praise Band consists of E.J. Vieyra, Theology Department Chair, as conductor and pianist/bassist; Kenneth Favell, English Department Chair, on drums; Emilio Hernandez, on guitar, John Stradley, English and Journalism teacher, Molly Fruland, Christian Service/College Guidance Assistant, senior Alex Gutierrez, and junior Jaden Brownlee as singers.

Dr. Brandi Odom Lucas, Chief Academic Officer, also lends her voice to the community from time to time.

“Singing with the praise band is a personally edifying experience for me,” said Stradley.  “I’ve become much more confident with my voice, and I welcome the monthly liturgies and the opportunity to ‘pray twice.’”

The Praise Band meets during lunch, after school, during co-curricular, or whenever it is possible to go over what is to be done for the next mass.

Some students are in awe at what the praise band does.

“I really enjoyed the solo that Dr. Odom did the last liturgy,” said seniorHector Garcia. “The song choices were not bad at all, the one that I especially liked would definitely have to be the Black National Anthem [sung at the Black History Month liturgy].”

“Dr. Odom’s solo performance at mass was wonderful,” said Carolyn Westdal, Science
Department Chair.  “I enjoy hearing the faculty, staff, and students perform as part of the praise band.”

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