CWSP student evaluations assist student-worker growth

By Gerardo Leon, Staff Writer

In order to see how any student at Verbum Dei is performing at his assigned work location, the student’s workplace supervisor completes an evaluation at the end of each semester.

“The evaluations are for the supervisors to put their input on how the students have been performing at work,” said William Lui, Program Manager with the Corporate Work Study Program. These evaluations also help the students know areas for improvement at work.

“The evaluations have very specific questions, so that it gives feedback on what area we can help students improve,” said Lui.

The evaluations provide feedback to the students, yet they also affects their CWSP grades. The CWSP evaluations contribute 60% to the student’s grade in the course.

Along with other workplace expectations, the students’ productivity, work ethic, ability to follow directions, and ability to work as a team member are evaluated.  Each question on the evaluation is based on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the highest possible rating.

“We review the evaluation and check out areas that have low scores, and from there we try to get as much information from the site on how that trait is used at their work,” said Lui.

“The evaluations help me, especially when I go over them with my supervisor so I can see what specific area I can improve on even though they can affect my grade,” said sophomore Daniel Meza.

These evaluations are mandatory because Verbum Dei is a member school of the Cristo Rey Network. “The evaluation [format] that [is] given by Cristo Rey gives us real data that we can use to see how we need to work with students,” said Lui.

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