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Commitment Day celebrates the next chapter for VDHS seniors

By Tamajai Dampeer, Staff Writer Commitment Day: after all their hard work and dedication, a day for seniors to display and represent both an ending and a beginning. Commitment Day: a day of decompression from all the rigorous juggling of sports, … Continue reading

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“Men and women with and for others”: strong Jesuit presence blesses Verbum Dei with clergy, faculty, staff, and volunteers

By Kawika Smith, Staff Writer Verbum Dei High School, a Jesuit high school in South Central Los Angeles, has been educating scholars for more than 50 years. The Jesuits are members of a religious order known as the Society of … Continue reading

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“Advice to My High School Self” fosters curiosity and laughs

By Tamajai Dampeer, Staff Writer On October 7, 2019, members of Verbum Dei High School’s senior class surrounded a bulletin board on the wall of the MPR hallway before entering the vast room to await their departures to work. All who surrounded … Continue reading

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VDHS soccer play and befriend “Nick’s Kids” in preseason

By Robert Turner, Staff Writer “Can we play here so the kids can have a safe place to play?” asked Officer Salgado of the Los Angeles Police Department’s 108th  Street station.  Salgado was addressing Verbum Dei High School Head Soccer Coach … Continue reading

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Beyond “Admissions” – faculty, staff, and students represent Verbum Dei both on campus and in lives beyond school

By Brian Diaz, Staff Writer When people think of Verbum Dei High School’s Admission Department, they often just think about William Liu, Dean of Enrollment Management, and Pablo Zapotecas, Director of Admissions. However, many times, people do not realize that Verb’s … Continue reading

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“Adopt a Student” letter campaign is annual fundraising effort

By Jose Lopez, Staff Writer Established in August 2012, the Adopt a Student letter campaign is an important annual initiative that provides for Verbum Dei High School’s maintenance, both literally and figuratively. Donations are very important, and benefactors play a significant … Continue reading

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Mission Advancement weekly meetings: a time to plan

By Jose Lopez, Staff Writer Mission Advancement is the critical department charged with fundraising for the school’s financial stability. The members of this department are always kept busy, and for good reason, they are in charge of making connections with … Continue reading

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Privileges afford Verb’s “top dogs” Senior Square/Senior restroom access, varsity sports, clothing options, and events

By Eric Ramirez, Staff Writer The senior class of Verbum Dei High School enjoys certain privileges based on some longstanding traditions and some relatively recent ones; these exclusive senior privileges are access to the senior restroom, senior jackets, a polo option … Continue reading

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Shadowing offers prospective students a day in Verb’s life

By Jose Lopez, Staff Writer Verbum Dei High School has earned a reputation of creating men for others and for shaping the lives of its students both academically and spiritually.  Students from many middle schools are looking for opportunities to … Continue reading

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Reconfiguration of Chapel seating creates intimate community

By Kevin Parada, Staff Writer A centerpiece of Verbum Dei High School, the iconic Chapel has gone through a recent interior seating and altar reconfiguration. The process will take a while to fully realize as it is being remodeled to be … Continue reading

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