One More Day

Each day is a gift. It may not always feel like it when we immerse ourselves in the hectic LA traffic or the minute details of our daily work and family demands. But when we step back and reflect on it, we really do have the choice to respond to life as a gift. In front of a family member’s home is a stone etched with the following quote:

“Don’t complain about getting old. Not everyone gets to do it.”

I am reminded of this quote because two friends passed away recently. One was Fr. Pat Cahallan, the former President of Loyola High School and the other was a life-long educator, Pam Rector, most recently with Loyola Marymount University’s Center for Service and Action. These two amazing people spent their lives shaping and transforming the spirit of so many young adults to be Men and Women with and for Others. I wonder if both of them, even in the illness that gripped them in their final moments, would have hoped for one more day to continue their mission of service to others. Maybe not with the pain-filled, limited bodies that they had put so much mileage on, but their carefree, youthful selves…the one that we see in our mind’s eye, even when the mirror betrays that memory.

Since we are in a Leap Year, we actually get one more day this year. Maybe, in honor of all the Pat’s and Pam’s that we all are so grateful to have in our lives, we use this coming February 29th to do one act of kindness in gratitude for the gift of one more day.

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