This year I was given the opportunity to become part of Verb’s Instructional Leadership Team with the role of Academic Lead for Student Support. With this came the task of re-organizing the HERO period. The HERO period is a time within the day in which student can receive time to do their homework, study and receive re-engagement in a course they are taking. HERO has become a resource to address student needs outside the classroom and has become a way in which students are receiving target academic support from their teacher at any given day. Efforts in student support are essential for our boys to master skills. Consistent re-engagement sessions help teachers track who needs extra support in a given unit. Teachers are doing this in the 9th and 10th grade classes and their efforts are coming to fruition.

The HERO space has become an important piece to ensuring students are receiving the support needed in order to pass their classes. Teachers, students and staff have all played a helping hand in supporting the HERO space.

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