All in the Family

A friend of mine recently asked me if I find teaching fulfilling.  I responded by saying that I find teaching at Verb fulfilling.  Verbum Dei is a special place to be.  In an earlier blog, our principal, Dr. O’Connell, talked about the “Verb family” we have on campus.  This family atmosphere cannot be found on just any campus. It takes faculty, staff, students, and parents that really care for one another and actually enjoy one another to create such a family.

As much as I love being a part of this family, I even more love the opportunity I have to see the students form this brotherhood with one another which helps them grow and mature.  As Director of Campus Ministry, I have the opportunity to witness this brotherhood at its most vulnerable moments on the class retreats.  Within the last month we had both our sophomore and junior retreats.  Our student campus ministers (known as the JEDIS, which stands for Jesuit Educated Disciples in Service) help plan and lead the retreats.  One of the JEDIS also spoke on each retreat, opening up to the younger classmen, to their younger “brothers,” about each of their life journeys and the struggles they’ve faced.  Their openness set the mood for the rest of the students to have open and honest discussions in small groups about their own joys and struggles.  Near the end of the junior retreat, multiple students spoke to the support system they have gained within their brotherhood, reinforcing to one another that they are always there for each other, and that through this unbreakable bond they have, none of them ever have a reason to feel alone.  It is a blessing to witness our students form and live out this remarkable brotherhood as a part of our Verb family.

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