The commitment to and heartfelt appreciation for our students is evident in the mentorship and guidance offered by their supervisors. So every year, we invite supervisors to Verbum Dei to enjoy a meal with their students as we say thank you. Below is part of my welcome speech to them …

In one of his many poems and meditations, William Ward wrote, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” Please allow me to express my gratitude in the next couple of minutes for your unwavering support to help maintain the mission of Verbum Dei over the years.

I am grateful to each and every single one of you for accepting the call to serve the young men of Verb throughout their high school career. I know that while you couldn’t turn down having eggs and potatoes with some carb loaded pastries this morning, being present with and for your students, I know takes center stage and is the real reason you’re here.

You made the drive to Verb this morning for very much the same reason you committed to supervising a teenager– you care about them, their well-being, their development, their future. For this, I am grateful.

You mentor our young men looking for ways to be a beneficial presence to them – you share college options, career choices, and studies of interest with them. For this, I am grateful.

You show our students ways to increase their skills bank – you teach them new concepts, charge them with a different project, and invest your time showing them computer programs. For this, I am grateful.

You provide a platform for tomorrow’s leaders to learn from their mistakes – you demonstrate care, patience and acceptance. For this I am grateful.

On this 16th anniversary of the Corporate Work Study Program, I can’t help but be reminded of the impact you’ve had on the 765 alum that have participated in the program since 2002. Alongside our faculty and staff, you’ve had a significant impact in shaping who they are today.

I don’t stand alone in expressing my gratitude. On behalf of our President Fr. Mandala, and Principal, Dr. Odom Lucas, I want to say thank you for your continuous support. Thank you.

Fall Sports Seasons Winding Down

We had a very successful Fall Sport Season with both Football and Cross Country earning CIF Post Season berths! Football finished 5-5 overall, a 2nd place finish in the South Catholic League, and a Division 12 playoff berth. Congratulations to the coaching staff and the boys for all the hard work put in! Cross Country finished in 3rd place in the Santa Fe League and earned the opportunity to run in the CIF Division 4 Prelims! Kudos to Coach Finn and the Cross Country boys!

The focus will turn to winter sports very shortly with Soccer returning a lot of players from last year’s playoff team that reached the CIF quarterfinals. Coach Rosa has the boys poised for a league championship and CIF Playoff run in 2017-18! The basketball program is ready to run as well with the hiring of new head coach, Ken Stevenson. Coach K and his staff have been working the boys harder than they are used to and are excited for the 2017-18 Season! Come out and support our Winter Sports!


New Faces at Verb

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome three new-to-Verb teachers this academic year!

Mr. Kevin Nguyen first came to Verbum Dei High School as a Jesuit Volunteer in 2011-2012 where he worked with Corporate Work Study. He went on to earn his M.Ed. from Loyola Marymount University and has returned to the Verb to pursue his teaching career as our sophomore English teacher.

We also welcome Ms. Victoria de Freitas, who has recently joined the Verbum Dei community to teach freshmen Spanish. Ms. de Freitas has recently taught English as a Second Language in Ecuador and Colombia. As a first generation college graduate, Ms. de Freitas comes to us with a passion for learning and a desire to give back to urban communities.

And finally, we welcome Mr. Eduardo Magana who has joined the Verbum Dei community as a sophomore and junior Spanish teacher as well as Chair of the Spanish Department. Mr. Magana comes to the Verb with a wealth of experience teaching all levels of Spanish, including Advanced Placement.

Please join me in welcoming our three new teachers to the nest. I look forward to seeing the wonderful work they do in the classroom with our young men!