More Than Clerical Work

Andrew began his CWSP internship at Love Productions in January of this year and his experience already encompasses more than the basic entry level clerical work of most internships. Early on, his supervisor, and Production Manager, Karra Duncan, committed to starting him off with basic lessons in TV production, researching and trends.

While in a meeting with EVP Kevin Bartel and Ms. Duncan, Andrew was given a task – pitch a TV show to the Culver City based staff, complete with story board. Mr. Bartel encouraged Andrew to think about his likes, interests and current trends. When I asked Andrew to recall the moment he knew what he would research, his smile was contagious as he shared, “I wanted to pitch a show about the motivation and love for baseball in Dominican players. They play with so much passion beginning at such a young age.”

Andrew worked alongside the son of a staff member who was on spring break and together they tackled the idea of motivation and baseball. They dreamt up characters, set the scene, developed a brief story line, titled their show Behind the Bat, and created story boards for their presentation. After presenting to the staff, Andrew and his partner received advice from the intimate group. Input was offered and one-on-one coaching took center stage. The feedback was priceless.

From the onset, Andrew learned that his supervisors were teaching him more than how a show turns into reality from a simple idea in someone’s mind. He understood that this was only an initial step. If the head of a production company thinks that a pitch is a good enough idea, resources are put behind it to film a sizzle reel and put together a deck, which the Development team then takes to different networks to sell. “There are so many steps,” recalls Andrew, “that I didn’t know were needed to make a show, a show.” Grateful for the time given to him for this project, Andrew enjoyed the process and says he’s ready for the next exciting project that exposes him to the world of TV production.

Not only does Andrew like working at Love Productions because of the great people, he says it’s like he’s not at work, but rather with family, the Love Family.