What’s New at Verbum Dei in 2016?

The end of the 1st Quarter is just around the corner and yet school really has just started.  Here’s what you might have missed in the last several weeks.

Office Furniture Donation 

A major tax and audit firm, KPMG, consolidated their Beverly Hills Office to downtown LA.  Thanks to their generosity, Verb was the recipient of three truckloads of desks, chairs, modular offices and other furniture valued anywhere from $10 – 20 K.  This equipment helped us to upgrade 10 office spaces and renovate our faculty/staff lounge.

Film Project

From August 27 – 30, the Divide & Conquer Production Company rented the Verb Gym and Team Room to film a short basketball movie.  While over 50 members of their cast and crew, including former Laker Rick Fox, walked the allowed halls of Verb, the school earned an unexpected $12,000.

New Food Service on Campus

Looking to the needs of a growing campus, Bevaris Alliance was selected as the new food service vendor at Verbum Dei.  Bevaris serves 40 schools around the Archdiocese and coincidentally, is also starting at our sister school, St. Mary’s, this year as well.  Junior McFarland and team served the school for 15 years and we wish him well in his new adventures.  Key elements involved in the decision include legal and insurance requirements, proof of “worker’s comp” for vendor employees, variety of food selections and pre-purchase, card-based payment methods.  In October, you will be able to purchase gift cards that your son can use to purchase food at the Verb Café

New Marquee and Digital Signage 

By the middle of October, a new full color digital Marquee will replace the outdoor sign posted by the vehicle entrance into Verbum Dei.  Soon you will be able to get up to the minute information as you drive into or by the campus.  On top of that, a scrolling digital sign will be installed in senior square so that students and guests can enjoy the latest news or stay informed on clubs and activities, sporting events and schedule changes.

As the Operations team continues to create a friendly, safe, and clean environment that inspires creativity and learning, we hope your son finds academic achievement and excellence in all his endeavors.


Fifteen Years Strong!

Verbum Dei’s Corporate Work Study Program is celebrating its Quinceañera this year. In the Mexican culture Quinceañeras traditionally celebrated a 15-year old young girl’s passage from childhood into adulthood while assigning her a new social role in the community. Nowadays, Quinceañeras are celebrated in a spirit of thanksgiving for God’s blessings, the young girl’s life, and her family and friends. In that spirit of gratitude, CWSP celebrates its 15th Anniversary this school year. We celebrate fifteen years of financial sustainability, building confidence in young men, and making an impact in the community.

Thanks to the financial contribution of more than 85 Corporate Partners, we are able to offer a college prep education to our students and are committed to seeing them to and through college. In addition, our partners mentor and guide the students’ skill development over their 4 year work experience. That hands-on approach at a real-work setting alongside experts allows students to grow and nurture self-confidence and maintain professional networks beyond high school. Verb men are competent individuals prepared for success in college and careers. Their success is personal. Their success is their family’s success. Their success is Verb’s success.

The Corporate Work Study Program staff is grateful for 15 years of partnerships and remains committed to the holistic education of the young men of Verb. We are looking forward to celebrating our Quinceañera!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Faculty, Staff, Parents, Supporters and Corporate Partners to a new school year full of promise and high expectations.

At Verbum Dei, the theme for the year can be summed up by the word “Family.” Both in church circles and in the public forum today, there is much talk about family. Yet, as we all know, a family can take on my different shapes and sizes. So how is the Verb family composed?

The Verb family consists of a network of caring and challenging relationships centered on the Verb student. Faculty, staff, and parents all come to Verbum Dei because of the students. Donors, corporate partners and board members are all involved for the same reason. We all want what is best for our young Verb gentlemen.  The students come together in mutual support to help each other to navigate the Verb and to prepare for life and career. The effectiveness of these family networks depends on how well they are aligned with one another and how the students take advantage of them. In the family network is strength and resilience.

The political and social climate in which we live requires that the Verb family today exert even more strength and resilience than ever before. The tone of the presidential campaigns has been discouraging and disrespectful at best. The suspicion around police use of lethal force in some communities has left us all feeling less secure in our homes and neighborhoods.  The retaliation on police – many of whom heroically protect our communities – is a threat to the safety of all of us. How do we prepare our young men to face the social and moral questions of the day?

It is precisely the strength and resilience of the Verb family network that is most needed today. It is the openness of the Verb family that allows the students to be able to express their fears and their concerns without prejudice.  It is the care of the Verb family which will challenge the students to dig deep into themselves to find the just and loving response to the issues of the day. It is the encouragement of the Verb family that will motivate the students to make a difference in the world in which we live.

Thank each and every one of you for the role you play in making the Verb family strong and resilient and true. May God bless us and lead us as we move through the 2016/2017 school year.

Most gratefully,

Michael J. Mandala, S. J.