Verbum Dei High School Has Growing Pains

As Dean of Admissions it pleases me to report that Verbum Dei High School is growing! We are in our twelfth year after joining the Cristo Rey Network. There are twenty-six Cristo Rey schools in 17 states and the District of Columbia each of us provide a quality, Catholic, college preparatory education to 8,000 young people who live in urban communities with limited educational options. Verbum Dei is the only school within the network that exclusively provides an educational experience to High School aged boys. Emphatically, as many of our young men are experiencing a metamorphic, transitional change identified as puberty; the process of physical changes through which a boy’s body matures into an adult body, the Administration, Faculty and Staff members are experiencing growing pains too. We are at a place in our development as a school where our community of educators, innovators, and problem solvers are working together to expand the threshold of academic change as we know it.

Our goals have not changed, however our approach is the area where we are experiencing the most challenge. We are successful! And successfully addressing issues to promote and sustain the academic behavior of our students in a manner that leads to success while attending college and beyond. Within the past twelve years we have experienced a tremendous amount of success by achieving 100% college acceptance. Recently, we have had an increase in our student population as well as an increase in the need to remediate educational deficiencies. Over the past twelve years we took an aggressive approach to unwarranted student behavior in our classrooms and on our school campus. We are categorically pleased with the cultural transformation in the student behavior that is presented on our school campus. Now, we look forward to stimulating consistency in the academic behavior of our students.

This is what we do. Together, all of our efforts produce a platform for effecting remarkable young men displaying an unbelievable ability for breakthrough. By sharing ideas from a wide variety of sources, we convert our student’s intelligence into a capacity for a remarkable outcome. Our students are people growing into leaders capable of enduring the challenge associated with transformation and positive change. We have established a community of young men that are making a real impact in the world. We invite you to join us in our growth!

CWSP Supervisor Appreciation Breakfast

Over 100 of our Corporate Partner supervisors and mentors spent their Friday morning having breakfast with their team of student interns. The CWSP team hosted the 11th Annual Supervisor Appreciation Breakfast last Friday, November 14th. We were delighted to have so many of our students’ supervisors and mentors participate. Our gym was bustling with excitement as both supervisors and students enjoyed each other’s’ company.

Each year, students eagerly wait to find out whether their supervisors RVSP for this annual event. There is a great sense of pride when supervisors visit our school, our home. The norm is for our students to be transported to work one day a week, but on this day, this special day, supervisors travel to our campus to meet up with their student team. Thus, students anxiously come into our CWSP office days before the event, and with an undeniable look of curiosity, hope to get a positive response to their question, “Are my supervisors coming?”

…yes, Tylan, Western Asset will be here….yes, Julio, Ares Management will attend.

Students just can’t wait. They can’t hide their excitement when we tell them their mentor will participate or their disappointment when mentors are unable too. You see, students have formed strong relationships with their supervisors.

Our students’ supervisors play a significant role in their development. It takes a village to raise a child and supervisors become members of that village

…the village that helps to raise a child and contribute to their growth

…the village that doesn’t give up on a child while encouraging mistakes

… the village that applauds effort and not ability

…the village that reinforces responsibility

…the village that provides learning opportunities that promote confidence and self-esteem.

They are part of that village that teaches students skills that help them advance the work they complete, no matter how small.

Imagine that! Our students are surrounding themselves with a network of professionals that contribute to their growth.  A 14-year old student has formed a network with professionals from companies like Ares Management, The Aerospace Corporation, Irell & Manella, Nike, Loyola Law School, and Western Asset Management among many others.

Our Annual Supervisor Appreciation Breakfast was a small token of appreciation and time to thank our Corporate Partners for their dedication to our young men and Verbum Dei. It was a time for students and supervisors to come together and enjoy breakfast in a relaxed setting.  We are grateful to our Corporate Partners, supervisors and mentors.