Verb Gentlemen: Why We Are Here!

The day to day operations of fundraising can be tedious and repetitive as certain tasks and services must be performed daily in order to insure our donors and prospective donors understand our mission and see how well we steward their gifts. So much so it requires a dedicated team of three: Mrs. Stephanie Andrade, Mission Advancement Associate, Ms. Theresa Curtis, Mission Advancement Assistant, and myself.  Yet, don’t for one moment believe our 2011/2012 fundraising goal of $2.3 million is a three-person-only project.  Quite the opposite—Verb fundraising requires the entire Verb family from the President to faculty to staff to volunteers…it’s a major team effort. Yet, I digress…  My point is sometimes making sure all reports are completed on time; donor questions are answered; and, tours are conducted, one can sometimes lose track of why we are raising funds in the first place—difficulty seeing the forest for the trees.

However, once I leave my office and walk around the campus among the Verb gentlemen, I’m quickly reminded with salutations such as, “How’s your day, Mr. Hosch;” “Thanks for recommending that book, Mr. Hosch;” and “Mr. Hosch, I think I may want to attend Cal State LA.” …or when I open my door to hear Mr. Nick Hogan, across the hall, teaching one of his demanding courses while keeping the gentlemen honest and holding them to task, of why I am here and why I do what I do—the Verb gentlemen deserve the opportunities and resources needed to gain access and graduate college.  …and I am reminded that I’m privileged to play a small part in their immediate and future successes.

So, do yourself a favor!  Come down and visit our fine campus; meet our outstanding faculty and staff; and, most importantly, talk with our eager college-bound young gentlemen.  You’ll quickly remember why you volunteer, donate, and support Verbum Dei High School. And you’ll see there is no organization out there doing quite the incredible work we are doing in Watts. To schedule a visit, call me at 323-564-6651 Ext. 5100 or email me at You’ll grow to respect our mission even more!

P.S. Don’t forget our Mardi Gras Awards Dinner and Auction on February 16, 2012 at the California Club beginning at 5:30PM.  Don’t miss this fun event: