About The Present Dei

The Present Dei Online News Source is produced by students in the Journalism course, a senior elective, at Verbum Dei High School.  Originally The Word, the Verb’s original publication, and, later, the print incarnation of The Present Dei, the online news source continues the proud tradition of student journalism at Verbum Dei High School.  Chronicling the lives and times shared by the gentlemen of this fine school, The Present Dei has played its part in the 50+ year history of the Verb.  The decline of print journalism and concurrent expansion of electronic journalism, coupled with the expense of printing a publication, have brought our student journalists into the electronic age.

Verbum Dei High School Mission Statement

Verbum Dei High School is a Catholic, Jesuit, college and career preparatory school, complemented by our corporate internship program, serving young men of Watts and the surrounding communities. We develop self-confident gentlemen who are intellectually motivated, spiritually rooted, contemplative, and courageous in their pursuit of a more humane and just world.

The Present Dei student staff is:

Hector Arrieta, Editor in Chief

Christopher Poz, Feature/Profile Editor

Oscar Herrera, Opinion/Column Editor

Nathaniel Zelada, Photo Editor

Alejandro Aquino, Staff Writer

Nicolas Cortez, Staff Writer

Randdy De Paz, Staff Writer

Brian Hernandez, Staff Writer

Gerardo Leon, Staff Writer

Uriel Molina, Staff Writer

Khalid Nelms, Staff Writer

Joshua Papaqui, Staff Writer

George Rosales, Staff Writer

Rafael Villalobos, Staff Writer

“Fledgling” Reporters (underclassmen not enrolled in the Journalism course):

Armando Serrano

Devean Statum

The Present Dei is moderated by John Stradley, English Department.

The views expressed by writers and photographers in The Present Dei Online News source are those of the authors themselves and should not be considered the views of Verbum Dei High School, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Jesuits West, a province of the Society of Jesus, or the Cristo Rey Network.