Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Pablo Zapotecas serves as mentor well beyond the classroom

By Brian Diaz, Staff Writer, Class of 2020

A member at Verbum Dei High School’s community that has had a significant effect on me has been Mr. Pablo Zapotecas, Director of Admissions. Mr. Zapotecas has been someone I can look up to; he and I have developed a personal relationship beyond the margins of a classroom. He has demonstrated that learning can be conducted outside of the classroom.

Mr. Zapotecas has served as someone who constantly checks up on me and keeps me in check when I need it. I have always felt his office a safe space where I can express myself without judgement.

I met Mr. Zapotecas in my junior year when he began his work at Verb. From the moment I met him, I liked his attitude and how he understood the situations I was going through.

A few memories of Mr. Zapoteacs took place, oddly, during the summer. For a couple weeks throughout the summer I went go to VDHS to attend football summer practice. However, I would always show up a couple hours early. I enjoyed the conversations we held one on one; some were important, others not as much. But the fact that he took the time to provide me with advice and to show that he cared demonstrated his character.

In my opinion, I feel that I hold a stronger personal connection with him since he is also a Verb alumnus. He understands various things I am going through and the challenges Verbum Dei students face.

I thank Mr. Zapotecas for being someone I can talk to and for being someone who always checks in to see if everything is going well. Mr. Zapotecas has served as a mentor by going beyond the expectation of an average school employee. He is someone who has taken the time to discuss factors of life that many people do not stop and take into consideration. He has been someone in which I could confide personal matters and served as a guide throughout my high school career.

Mr. Zapotecas taught me that it is my responsibility to help those who are struggling, and, once I graduate college, to help those who wish for the opportunity to achieve in their life endeavors but lack the necessary resources to be successful . The biggest life lesson he has taught me, I believe, is the importance of not only being an exceptional student but also being an exceptional young man with and for others.

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