Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Allison Kennedy’s optimistic manner and energy inspire Verb artists

By Daniel Garrido, Staff Writer, Class of 2020

Allison Kennedy, the artist who teaches Verb juniors and seniors the wonders of art, has had a profound effect upon me.  Ms. Kennedy is always a optimistic person who is willing to help any student who is in need of her help.  Each time a student enters her art classroom, Ms. Kennedy welcomes the student to class with a smile and a consistently positive and powerful energy that is contagious.  Her manner brings a smile to every student in the room.  She never brings the notion of failure into her classroom; she only brings optimism.

Ms. Kennedy changed me in a positive way: she helped me to organize my work time and made me feel more confident in my work.  In the past, I used to think my drawings were bad, but she always found something good to note about my work.  I appreciate the positive energy that she has, and I will strive to have similar energy in my future.

Ms. Kennedy makes me feel better about the work to turn in, and I have realized that I should be more confident about what I do.

I remember Ms. Kennedy fondly when she once helped me with one of my assignments for Mr. E.J. for which I was supposed to draw an image.  I needed help with the drawing, so I went to her classroom.  Without hesitation, she grabbed her pencil and paper and helped me.  In the end, she helped me earn my grade.

Another fond memory I have is when Ms. Kennedy stayed after school to help me draw simple stairs for one of her class assignments.  She was willing to give me pencils and color pencils to make my artwork presentable.  Her willingness to look over my work to see what I was missing was very appreciated.

Thank you, Ms. Kennedy, for being an overall amazing teacher, for having such patience in a class that can be very chaotic, and for having a very energetic, optimistic, and positive expression each time students have filled your classroom .  Thank you as well for being  so willing to help students learn beyond the classroom.   The art field trips, which you have repeatedly given up your Saturdays to host, have been great learning experiences.

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