Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Ken Favell challenges students to explore literature through different lenses

By Tyon James, Staff Writer, Class of 2020

Throughout my senior year at Verbum Dei High School, Mr. Ken Favell has become someone that has had a lasting effect on me as an academic. He has truly pushed me to think outside the box, to be open-minded, and to view things through a different lens. His English course has taught me to analyze and dissect pieces of writing in ways that I otherwise would not have considered. Furthermore, he has ignited within me a drive to become a better writer, one who is more effective and creative in ways that will be deemed captivating to readers.

Experiences in this course like class discussions, essays, and one-on-one feedback have all been memorable as they go beyond the expectations of a typical English courses. I feel as though Mr. Favell’s class is actually making me a well-rounded writer and reader. Class discussions are one of my favorite aspects of the class because I have the opportunity to be exposed to other opinions, to step outside of my normal way of thinking, and to collaborate with other students concerning varying opinions on writing techniques.

I would like to thank Mr. Favell for helping me to grow in several ways as a young student, who is about to embark on college endeavors. Throughout my time in his course, I have truly learned, and I have applied all of these skills to other classes and areas of my life. Had it not been for Mr. Favell and his hard work, I would not be the student that I am today. His words of wisdom, encouragement, and his constant push to better his students has inspired me in my academic, professional, and personal life. Kudos to Mr. Favell for being a trailblazer in the lives of his students and pushing us to be our best selves academically.

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