Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: John Galloway tends and teaches technology and models a positive work ethic

By Benjamin Rivera, Staff Writer, Class of 2020

Since I embarked on my journey at Verbum Dei, I was always aware of how Mr. John Galloway walks with a purpose to his step, whether he is fixing a computer in the lab, managing the server room, or just walking to his car.  One can easily tell how much he loves his job.

With his extensive experience in information technology, Mr. Galloway has taught me interesting aspects of earlier technologies and introduced me to some of the first technologies he worked with.

I don’t speak to Mr. Galloway often; however, in each of our conversations, I have always been able to discover some value.  His monumental work ethic is something I have pulled from his stories and incorporated into my life; he has always been about the grind, and he does what he has to do whether he enjoys it at the time or not.

An example of this work ethic is apparent in his work of updating all the PC systems at Verb.  It was a tedious process, Mr. Galloway mentioned, but it was an accomplishment of which he was proud.

Mr. Galloway also taught me to value those who don’t have the flashiest job in the world. His work often goes unnoticed as WiFi is always up thanks to him; however, everyone will admit just how essential this is for the daily functioning of the campus.

A lesson I’ve learned from Mr. Galloway is to just go for it, and don’t hesitate. He landed his first position in IT by taking a chance with a new job, and he fell in love with it.  I think this is one of the more valuable lessons I have taken from Verb, as I tend to second guess my choices.

I thank Mr. Galloway for always being there to help us with our often simple questions, for being a good role model for me and others, and for being the epitome of someone who enjoys what he does.

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