ASB’s Late Night Hoops fund-raiser to return in Mid-March

By Benjamin Rivera, Staff Writer

In the spirit of March Madness, Verbum Dei High School’s Associated Student Body will be hosting its annual Late Night Hoops basketball event in the gymnasium during undetermined dates in the latter weeks of March.

“It’s a basketball-themed event, but you don’t have to be good at basketball to have a good time.” said Maribel Andrade, ASB Coordinator.  “There will be plenty of games and ways to socialize in the gym.”

“We will be having a bracket challenge, a half-court shot challenge, dunk contests, and 7up games along with a snack table,” said Andrade. “Houses can also set up their own snack tables.”

“It’s a while away, so students can expect more activities to be added,” said Andrade.

With the basketball season underway, ASB has timed the event so that excitement for the sport is at its peak.

“The annual event has seen incredible turnout in previous years,” said Andrade. “It is definitely one of our most popular events.”

“It has to do with the timing,” she added. “You know, with the basketball season starting and March Madness, it’s a great fundraiser.”

Attendees from previous years agree with Andrade.

“I had a lot of fun last year,” said Syllene Rivera, a junior at Bishop Conaty, our Lady of Loretto High School.  “It was nice seeing my friends on the basketball team.”  Rivera plays  on the Varsity team at BCLHS.

“I think late-night hoop is a fun experience that brings the hoopers of Verbum Dei together,” said senior Ty’Jon James. James has won the Dunk Contest.

“I won the dunk contest last year, probably because I was one of the few that could actually reach the rim,” said James.  “But I won regardless!”

“I’ll probably show up; it’s a cool way to stay off the streets on a Friday night,” said sophomore Julian Liston.

As the event unfolds, more challenges, food, and prizes will be announced. In the meantime, students can enjoy the other social activities planned for February including “Cupid Has Bad Aim,” the Valentine’s Day-themed dance hosted by ASB.

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