LMU masters student Mangar serves Verb scholars as tutor

By Jacob Salgado, Staff Writer

Verbum Dei High School’s legacy in academics remains among the most elite; This is due to the fact the college preparatory institution is deeply invested in the education of its students. In that same spirit,  Loyola Marymount University Master’s student Anthony Mangar felt the drive to devote his free time to tutoring Verb underclassmen.

“I teach Algebra 1 to both freshmen and sophomores every Friday,” said Mangar.

His drive to volunteer at Verb came from his love for the culture and people surrounding it.

“Although Verb is located in a socioeconomic disadvantaged area of Los Angeles, I believe that the boys have a lot of potential for growth,” said Mangar.

His character and genuine love for teaching are apparent though his mentor-like care for Verb students.

“I am a servant leader, and I enjoy guiding students to their utmost potential,” said Mangar.

In one of his tutoring sessions during a HERO period, Mangar flaunted a graphic tee that read, “Super teacher by day super tired by night.”

His presence on Verb’s campus has brought nothing but goodness for both staff and students alike. Maribel Andrade, Student Resource Center Coordinator, is, “thankful that Mangar is taking the time on his day off to come to Verbum Dei and share his talents with us.”

“I really appreciate him taking time out of his day to come and tutor us because it shows that he is a man of character,” says Alejandro Rodrigues, Class of 2022. Being an underclassmen, Rodriguez benefits from having Mangar tutor during his HERO period.

Mangar is unlike any other tutor Verb has allowed on campus because unlike the tutors of MAGIS, a Loyola Marymount University service organization, he came to Verb on his own accord and decision.  Mangar said that he “saw Verb’s mission and knew instantly that [he] wanted to be a part of it.”

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