LA’s Central Avenue renovation to enhance access to VDHS

By Eduardo Landa, Staff Writer

The City of Los Angeles and development corporations are renovating Central Avenue in order to not only make it safer, but also to make it more beautiful. This project has been an idea for decades, but it is finally coming to fruition now.

It was not possible before due to the lack of money, but now the City of Los Angeles has secured funding for this community enhancement project.

“I believe it is a great way to beautify Watts, and it all starts by taking the first step with Central Avenue,” said Jeff Bonino-Britsch, Vice President of Operations.

Another concern of the city is the narrow entrance that allows vehicle access to Verbum Dei High School from Central Avenue. This narrow entrance causes increased congestion during times of high traffic volume.

“This [situation] is very dangerous because if there are any parents or visitors trying to enter the school, they can get struck by a car,” said Bonino-Britsch. “The city is trying to incorporate a right turn lane in order to have cars wait instead of going straight and possibly hitting a car.”

“Turning left into [Verbum Dei] is dangerous because at the start and [at the end] of dismissal time there is a lot of traffic,” said Ruth Frias, mother of sophomore Axcell Frias.

“Cars are always speeding going towards Imperial trying to beat the light,”said Maria Ramirez, mother of junior Jesus Gutierrez.  “Cars will never give you the chance to make a left turn and block the school entrance.”

“It is just a little bit of traffic; it just takes me a little longer to get [my son] to school, but it is fine. I mean what am I gonna do?” said Socorro Estrada, mother of senior Jesus Estrada.

Ensuring that Verbum Dei provides a safe environment for all students and parents is a shared goal of the school and the City of Los Angeles.

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