E-Doc signatures to be implemented for required forms

By Alessandro Leon, Staff Writer

Verbum Dei High School’s Information and Technology Department, has made various advancements throughout the year. One such advancement is the implementation of E-Doc signatures sent via email.

“We are about to start this new method of electronic communication with the parents for future occasions,” said John Galloway, Director of Information and Technology at VDHS.

“We would eliminate paper all together and make it easier for parents and students to sign the permission forms” said Oscar Rosa, Tech Coordinator.

The elimination of paper would demonstrate a more environmentally conscious side of Verbum Dei, plus it would eliminate printing-related costs.

The IT Department has ran into a couple of problems in regards to this new way of making sure that the students get their signatures in. In order to get the E-Doc, the parents need an email address.

“I know that most parents do not have emails,” explained Rosa, “and that is a challenge for us, because we cannot text them the E-Doc.”

“In order for me to send these E-Docs,” said Galloway, “I need the email of the parent(s) and all of them, I download them from the RenWeb database.” “There is a lot of emails on that database, and I am not sure if the emails are updated, but I have to trust that they are.”

This new form of signature is still in process, and was planned to have a test run for the St. Mary’s Academy and Verbum Dei’s All Saints Day mass. Unfortunately, it was not possible for the E-Doc to be sent.

“This would really help me,” said senior Vidal Zavala, “because this senior year for me is really hectic. I don’t have time to be thinking about getting a paper signed, but if my mom could just receive it and sign it electronically, that would be great!”’

The IT Department is still working on this project, and other innovations that are designed to help the school improve communication with parents and students.

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