Admission Interviews set for early to mid-February, 2020

By Jacob Salgado,  Staff Writer

Although Verbum Dei High School is a tight-knit community, the institution is always looking to add new members. In the same spirit, for the first two weeks of February, Verb staff will be conducting interviews of potential freshmen for the coming school year.

“We are expecting about 70 students to come to these interviews,” said Dean of Enrollment Management William Liu.

“We hope to see students practice some of the professional skills taught at Verb,” Pablo Zapoteca, Director of Admissions added.  “They should be able to expand upon an answer – not just give a yes or no – but being able to give a full response.”

During these interviews, it is common to see the parents of these potential students on campus.  Chief Academic Officer Brandi Odom Lucas wants the parents to be comfortable sending their sons to Verb.

“We want them to know we will take care of each and every student,” said Odom.

In an attempt to make the parents feel more comfortable, Verb has given its ambassadors the important role of greeting and talking to the families.

“I want to give the parents a different perspective from a student rather than a teacher or staff member,” said senior ambassador Brian Diaz.

The interview process itself is an event that many interviewers enjoy for a variety of reasons.

“I enjoy learning about the students’ middle school experiences as well as getting to meet them in person,” said  Myra Rodriguez, personal counselor.  Rodriguez has interviewed students in the past.

“I take into consideration how they are performing academically,” said Rodriguez.  “If I learn a student is having academic challenges, we discuss how they can improve their current grades to better prepare them for high school.”

Some VDHS students look back upon that interview as the start of their Verb experience.  Senior ambassador Jayden Brownlee reminisces fondly upon his freshmen interview and is hopeful that the incoming freshmen might eventually fill his shoes as an ambassador.

“When I came in to do my interview, I remember being nervous, but the ambassadors before me helped me and gave me some tips,” said Brownlee.  “I remember looking up to them, and I was happy when I became an ambassador.”

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