Beyond “Admissions” – faculty, staff, and students represent Verbum Dei both on campus and in lives beyond school

By Brian Diaz, Staff Writer

When people think of Verbum Dei High School’s Admission Department, they often just think about William Liu, Dean of Enrollment Management, and Pablo Zapotecas, Director of Admissions. However, many times, people do not realize that Verb’s Office of Enrollment Management involves many more people than the few who work in that department. It takes a community effort in order to maintain and to promote Verbum Dei’s well-respected reputation. The way students and teachers carry themselves on and off the campus is a contribution to the success of the work of admissions.

“The students and faculty also take part in representing the school,” said Liu.  “The teachers’ job description is to not only speak well about Verb on campus but wherever they are. When they are off campus, and someone asks about Verb they are expected to speak about the school in a positive manner. We hope that the teachers love the school enough to speak about it in a well manner to even their loved ones.”

Students also take part in representing Verbum Dei High School. Students are what people first focus upon when considering Verbum Dei High School as an option for their sons. Therefore, it is important for students to stay well-groomed and well-behaved during school hours. However, students are not only responsible for how they carry themselves on campus but how they act off campus. Whether students realize it or not, they represent the Verb wherever they go.

High achieving students also help demonstrate the school’s rigorous college prep curriculum. For example, student ambassador, Justin Funez understands the crucial role he plays in representing Verbum Dei in a well-respected manner.

“I’m involved in VDHS soccer, JEDIS, Student Ambassadors, Kairos Retreat leadership, and the Students Demand Action group. Besides that, I’m part of College Match and do service hours whenever I can at Missionaries of Charity,” said Funez. “As a student ambassador, I often engage with prospective Verb students – whether it is at an Open House, Eagle for a Day, or a shadow day. I know many kids are afraid when they think about coming to high school, so I try to show them my experience at Verb.

“Instead of trying to brainwash them to convince them that Verb is the best school,” said Funez.  “I’m just honest with them.”

“I talk to them from my heart in order for them to understand Verb’s brotherhood, which is what makes our school a second home,” said Funez.  “I’m not sure if the 8th graders see me as a role model (or if I even consider myself one); however, I think my story can help them to see themselves four to five years from now.”

“Furthermore, I know at times the school search process may be tedious, so I try to make sure that students feel welcome because that’s how other students and staff made me feel when I came to Verb,” said Funez.

“As an ambassador, I’m just happy I can simultaneously show how proud I am about my school, help other students in their high school search, and further demonstrate Verb’s brotherhood as a vital part on campus,” said Funez.

It is important that faculty, staff, and students understand the pivotal role they play in admissions. Although they are not frequently reminded of this, they are the school’s reputation – without them Verbum Dei would not be held in such high regard.

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