Mission Advancement weekly meetings: a time to plan

By Jose Lopez, Staff Writer

Mission Advancement is the critical department charged with fundraising for the school’s financial stability. The members of this department are always kept busy, and for good reason, they are in charge of making connections with new donors and providing the school with adequate money to meet expenses and to expand programs. In order to keep things in motion and organized, there must be a check-in at some point during each week.

Mission Advancement holds a weekly meeting every Tuesday around 10 to 11:30 A.M. These meetings have been taking place for over 10 years and have helped a great deal in moving things forward and for assuring the department’s growth. During the meetings, goals are established, and tasks are given to each member.

Paul Hosch, Stephanie Andrade, Michelle Cordova, and Annie Levine, all part of the Mission Advancement team, gather every Tuesday to keep one another apprised of what each is doing and what each has accomplished.

During the meeting, Cordova is given the task of note taking, what happens in the meeting, and after their meeting she will submit her notes to Andrade.

Hosch is the creator of the weekly meetings, and he has kept them to create a day that will allow everyone to speak out his or her opinions and accomplishments during the week.

“It helps us stay organized and focused in what I have to do,” said Andrade.  Some discussions revolve around events, new ideas, and assignments that are or have been given to specific people to work on during the week. This helps create a productive flow for the entire department.

An additional meeting is held on Mondays, but only Hosch and Andrade attend.  This meeting is important because assignments are given to Andrade by Hosch to give out to the Mission Advancement team.

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