Mission Advancement Development Plan assures continuity

By Jose Lopez, Staff Writer

Verbum Dei High School’s Mission Advancement Department is charged with seeking funding for the school by developing relationships with donors.  In addition to performing one of the most important tasks that keep the school running, Mission Advancement has been working on a particular and very important plan: The Development Plan or the so-called “Bible of Mission Advancement.”

The staff in this critical department are Paul Hosch, Senior Vice President of Mission Advancement, Stephanie Andrade, Associate Director of Mission Advancement, Michelle Cordova, Advancement Services Associate, and Annie Levine, Individual Giving Officer. Each employee contributes to the fundraising needed for the school’s financial stability.

“It [the Development Plan] lays out everything we need to accomplish for the year,” Levine stated.

The preparation of this plan has been in the works since before September 17, 2017. The plan was completed in 2018, but the Development Plan is now being updated by the Mission Advancement.  This plan is essential to maintain the success of Mission Advancement and its employees, present and future.  The document serves as a guide for everyone and details everything that employees must do.

“If all of us were to leave, the new recruits would have everything they would need to have,” said Andrade.  This development plan was created to help ensure the growth of the school’s funding.  It details every category, goal, list, event, and marketing tool that is needed and how to accomplish or produce these aspects of Mission Advancement’s work.

If everyone in Mission Advancement would leave, there would be a big gap, so staff was very diligent when creating this project.

Special events as the Gala, Major giving, Salons, and the Adopt a Student program have very specific steps, and all of this information is covered in this plan. All of these events create income streams to provide services to students and the fulfillment of the school’s mission.

As a means of showing appreciation to benefactors,  Mission Advancement also coordinates phone calls to the school’s financial supporters; these phone calls are also made by senior students. Without Mission Advancement, the school would not survive.  This development plan assures a stable future for the department and its crucial work.

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