Video conference system donated by Hotchkis and Wiley

By Alessandro Leon, Staff Writer

The partnership between corporate entities and Verbum Dei High School marks 17 years of collaboration and strong ties.  As a result of one of these strong ties, Hotchkis and Wiley, an investment company, donated a brand new video conference system to VDHS, said Jeff Bonino-Britsch, Vice President of Operations.

“This video conference system will be able to hook up to the network; it came with a T.V. screen and a camera,” said John Galloway, Director of Information Technology.

“This video conference system will give [Verbum Dei] the ability to have conference calls with board members, donors, or even other Jesuit schools,” Galloway added. This opportunity of virtual contact will permit the school to enhance relationships between the Verb and its corporate partners. This could lead to future collaborations on any events that will be helpful to the school and the greater Jesuit community.

“We are planning on installing the video conference system in the Administration Conference Room since that is where we have our meetings,” said Galloway. “It will be like having people with us – but virtually.”  Galloway did not have a time frame for  installation; however, he believes it should be up and running soon.

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