Video security enhancements add additional safety to campus

By Tyon James, Staff Writer

The physical frontier of Verbum Dei High School is taking on some alterations from a security standpoint. The department spearheaded by Jeff Bonino-Britsch, Vice President of Operations, is working diligently to implement a complete video security system which will serve as a point of identification for those entering and leaving the Verb campus.

This security system will be similar to the ring systems that have become popular for residential use. Those systems have the appearance of a doorbell; however, they function as a camera, giving individuals access to the camera via phone 24/7. Verb is pushing a security camera initiative forward which will essentially mock this ring system allowing those within the school to see the faces of individuals attempting to enter the campus. Ultimately, this system set to be in place in the very near future will ensure cautionary safety measures.

Despite, urgent precautionary measures that will be taken through these cameras at the entrance and drive-in gate, the process seems to be taking longer than expected. Although, there is a slight delay, the cameras are still set in place to be fully functional sometime in the near future.

“The idea of having these cameras on campus makes me feel very safe, especially with the occurrence of many dangers within the community,” said senior Drake Pearson. Pearson and other students are privy to the many lock-downs and events throughout the community and deem this an overall enhancement of the school that is long overdue.

Maintaining the evolving technological and security measures, the school is pushing this initiative forward. With many tragic events happening on school campuses throughout the area Verb is going forward with an initiative that other schools have yet attempted to explore. This puts VDHS at the forefront of precautionary measures – making the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors  of the upmost  importance.

“I think this extra security measure is a very good addition to the school security. With increasing violence in our community and school shootings across the nation, the addition of cameras makes me feel safer,” said senior Justin Funez.

Many may wonder the significance of two additional cameras and how that has the power to ensure the safety of students. This goes beyond that, this is a way to limit granted access of individuals who have ill intent. Those that are granted access to enter the school campus should be of the Verb community or possess well intent regarding the safety and well- being of everyone on campus.

“I feel that the school is trying to make our environment safer through installing these cameras, and it allows us to see who comes to our campus and see any potential threats,” says senior Carlos DeLeon. Through these cameras it becomes apparent to students that possible threats would be handled in advance. The safety that parents and guardians expect for their sons is something VDHS takes very seriously, and the installation of these cameras are only a testament to that.

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