Verb summer athletic programs build brotherhood and bodies

By Khalid Nelms, Staff Writer

The athletic program at the Verb has been soaring to greater heights year after year, and with each year comes a different program that supports the Verb athletes. The Athletics Department plans to offer a summer program to give new students an opportunity to play different sports and to socialize with other incoming students who have completed the workplace readiness program.

This program provides worthy Verb students a chance to get out and to compete with other schools that also have similar programs for athletics.

“The significance of the summer programs for the coaches to teach fundamentals and techniques and to build a brotherhood amongst their teams,” said Ken Stevenson, Athletic Director.  “The coaches also use the summer program for conditioning.”

“Through this program, upperclassmen also show their brotherhood to the incoming freshmen,” said Stevenson.  “Our veteran Verbum Dei student-athletes get an opportunity to show their leadership and be mentors to our incoming freshmen who are getting a taste of what high school sports are about.  They take the new guys under their wings and help them to navigate and to understand what it is to be a Verbum Dei athlete,”said Stevenson.

“It’s all about being a great teammate and brother,” said Stevenson.  “When it comes to sports, all you have is each other: your coaches and brothers. They have to trust and believe in the process and each other. That’s the beauty of sports; it brings everyone together – especially during the tough times.”

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